White Paper 4 on EOS Released

White Paper 4: Understanding Electrical Overstress - EOS Revision 1.2 has been released!

Begun as an effort by the Council in 2013 to compile survey feedback and consultation from leading experts in the field from both the system OEM and IC supplier sides, we are pleased to announce the final JEDEC release of White Paper 4 as JEP174.

This 189 page document is a major achievement of the Industry Council team and thanks go out to all contributing members, authors, chapter owners, industry advisers and reviewers for their continued support and commitment. This is also a major leap for the industry in improving collaboration between suppliers and system customers to prevent EOS events and damage. The document is also approved by the ESD Association.

A first comprehensive overview of the results of WP4 was presented to the public during IEW in May, 2016. A full customer presentation based on WP4 will soon be forthcoming.




Industry Council 2Q2016